GingerBird House Going to Print Tomorrow!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'd like to know your thoughts on this finished 2020 Christmas/Holiday card for my customers, family & friends (retailers will get it in 2021 locally and/or 2022 depending on licensing). Especially what you think is done well (because I have been looking at what was done poorly, and making edits off and on since December 4, 2019) For example, are any elements working well? I'm not sure what's working. Like color, composition, texture, facial expression of birds, concept, rendering etc? Feel free to also share suggestions for improvement, because I can always learn and apply it to future designs! Thanks!

    Final Draft, Gingerbird House.jpg

    In case it's useful: I did tons of pencil on sketchbook thumbnails, then drew most of this on drafting film using colored pencils and pastels, except for the gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies which were done in copic marker with colored pencils on paper. I used GIMP to combine layers digitally.

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