Monster Project! Need kid descriptions please!

  • SVS OG

    October begins my 4th Monster Project! I'm asking any of you that might have kids that would like to describe a monster for me to participate. I will draw one monster a day using the kids descriptions. I am collecting descriptions on my Marsha Ottum Owen facebook page or you can put them here on this thread. If your kids have participated before they are welcome to do so again. Thanks!!!!!!

    Here are some samples from last year (sorry, no descriptions included).

    119251937_2791951361090335_32727258677751742_o.jpg 119447493_2791950984423706_3984143684267959856_o.jpg 119194424_2791950534423751_4593449212708521111_o.jpg 119169263_2791950031090468_6796363971976636600_o.jpg 119419429_2791949654423839_3864267300156366038_o.jpg

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