The Inktember Fairy thumbnails

  • Which one do you think I should play around with more?
    I have been putting off these thumbnails because I haven't had a clear idea in mind, so I decided to just start drawing and see what comes up, hoping that one of these will develop into something a bit more creative. ink fairy thumbs.jpg

  • As a concept 2 works the best based on the text. It would be nice to see more of the story explained in the picture, such as does she know the ink fairy is there? Is it a trap she has set up? How did the ink fairy get in this mess?

    I'm exploring a similar concept for this prompt and my focus is more on the ink fairy unknownly just about to be caught on camera after she was lured in by Ellie.

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Thank you for the feedback. I am really struggling with this prompt. My idea for nr 2 was that Ellie is setting up a "trap" with all the ink and is really overdoing it with the cameras so she doesn't miss him again. The inkfairy is out of sight and hiding itself by camouflaging. Maybe it would be more effective is Ellie was the one hiding?

  • @Gabby-Correia If Ellie has already set up the trap, is the ink fairy waiting for her chance to get the ink despite of it or was she already there and Ellie appeared so she hid behind the jar? If you can supply everything (or at least give them a nudge) to the reader in one image I think it will be a great piece

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Thanks Gary, you are right, I need to get clear on the whole story and define it in the piece. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback ☺

  • @Gabby-Correia you're welcome :). Also I just now recognised your name from your caricature work from when I did caricaturama on FB. I use to do it too a while back. Always loved your young Michael Jackson piece 😃 nice to see you on here

  • Thumbnail #1 has a really appealing design. Maybe you could use some of the energy from #1 and take it to #2 idea. I am thinking maybe the black ink blob in #1 is not ink blob, but Ellie holding a camera. The ink-fairy could be playfully running away.

  • @xin-li nice idea, thank you.I will definitely play around with that

  • @Gary-Wilkinson that's awesome! Thought I was the only one to make the strange jump from caricature to children's book illustration 😂

  • Ok, I have a more concrete idea!
    The story is that the ink fairy is wanted because he is turning all the flowers black. Ellie wants the reward for catching him red-handed and today is that day!
    There is a wanted poster on the trees and Ellie is peeking around one, just about to snap a photo, but the ink fairy is quick, leaving a trail of blackened flowers behind him.
    Any critiques at this point are welcome.

    ink fairy wip.jpg

  • I like your ink fairy design in # 4. It’s so cute being a bug-like creature and I like the white eye lashes The layout for #2 seems clearest but the silhouette for #1 is appealing too. I’d love to see the #4 fairy in whatever you end up with.

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