Hello from another Newbie

  • Hi everyone!

    Im pretty new here and have been watching the forum for a couple of days now, and decided maybe I should introduce myself. I love all types of art but especially illustration. I work mostly traditionally, but have been trying learn to paint digitally. Its been pretty slow goings since I am pretty technology illiterate. I was really excited to find SVS and am looking forward to taking classes. Are there any class suggestions anyone has?

  • SVS OG

    Welcome @ShereeNorthrup! I'm sure you will love it here, it's a great community 🙂

    Regarding courses, there are so many good ones but if you're new to digital painting then Will Terry's 10 Steps to Digital Painting would be a good one. (there's also Beginning Photoshop). Creative Composition is another good choice for teaching fundamentals (I haven't watched it myself, it's on my to-do list but the instructors here are always saying that composition is so important)

    I often end up having several classes on the go depending on what I fancy watching/what I need to improve for a particular piece. Anyway, hope you enjoy it here 🙂

  • @Dulcie thank you for the suggestions. Im sure that I will love it here. I just looked at your website. You have some really adorable pieces!

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