First Time Posting: Ink Fairy Thumbnails

  • Greetings! I hope everyone’s lockdown life is proving to be a magical lark full of daydreaming and unblighted by the less fun parts of a pandemic. I’ve been an SVS member for many, many years and have always devoured whatever the guys put out - beginning with Third Thursday and now the podcast. I’m pretty sure this is my first time posting to the forum though! I recently completed my last illustration for a series of greeting cards and am now looking to spend the foreseeable future building my portfolio so thought I’d have a crack at the Ink Fairy prompt.

    As you can see, I’ve gotten up to the thumbnail stage. I spent a little longer on them than usual to try to make them more legible for other people - not sure sure how successful I’ve been but I guess we’ll see!

    The main thing you probably need to know is that my illustration will be a portrait of Ellie. I want to illustrate her thorough preparedness, her many failed attempts to date, and her determination. I’m not sure I’m drawn to any thumbnail in particular so I’m very interested in hearing everybody else’s opinions!

    Ink Fairy Thumbnails-Katherine Tyson.jpg

  • Oh I tell lies! Looks like I did post a couple of times back in 2015! 😛

  • I'm really loving the second image - I think there's a nice balance and the image seems to fill up the page nicely. You can also sense how desperate she is to get a shot of this fairy! Maybe you could have some photos of the fairy on the wall behind? Lovely thumbnails 🙂

  • I love number 3. There’s something really funny about her overkill lens 😂

  • @Rachel-Horne Thanks Rachel! Now that you've singled that one out I think I like it too 🙂

  • @silvialcg Thank you Silvia! I was thinking I could also add some extra gear to the camera; like an ink fairy spotting device that looks like a bunch of magnifying glasses 🙂

    Ooh I still don't know which thumbnail to go with...

  • @Katherine So many cool ideas. I wish they were mine.☺☺☺ can't wait to see the final image.

  • @Katherine I really like the one of her looking through the long lens, it's a fun concept and goes well with the text. It's just an idea but I was thinking how about putting the ink fairy behind her to add to the comedic element of the story

  • @Gary-Wilkinson That is an excellent idea, Gary 🙂

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