Critique Needed! Strengths and Weaknesses...

  • Hi Everyone 🙂 , I’m looking for input on my work so far. I’ve been working on finding and exploring my voice for the past 6 months and it would be really helpful to hear your thoughts if you don’t mind looking them over for a moment.

    What I’m looking for:

    • What is one strength you see in my work and one weakness
      *Which piece was your favorite and which was your least favorite
      *What feeling (if any) do you think of when you look at these

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and look. I’m loving being part of this forum - you’re thoughts and artwork are inspiring!



  • Ooh! Very nice stuff!

    Strength: I'm a big fan of the textures you use in your work! Lots of nice crackly playful brush strokes. Also your use of unified (simplified?) colour palettes. Very nice nice colour statements.

    Something to improve upon: I'd love to see a wider range of values. Right now things are very light to mid, with very little dark. One piece where you do have some nice darker values is the bottom two cats. You go very dark with their eyes which really makes them pop. The rest of the pieces seem to stay on the high end of the scale.

  • Thanks for that Braden! You’re right, I don’t see very many spots of darker values - I’ll work on including more, thanks for your thoughts, I really appreciate them!

  • So I love the textural areas and the pattern like the green stripe wall behind the child. I can't wait to see how pattern and texture continue to figure into your style. I think the strength of these pieces is how the kittens show movement and emotion, while the weakness is that the kids are static and quiet (though about half of them do have a storytelling aspect). In fact, I think except for the profile of the little girl, the eyes are all closed. So maybe challenge yourself to work at adding some of that emotional range and movement into your children pieces? Congratulations on all your hard work and progress.

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