Basic perspective / additional practice WIP

  • This month I have decided to go back to the basics and start retaking the svs courses to learn perspective better. I am trying to hone in my skills and figure out what feels right.

    This is my WIP so far obviously done with ruler and reference but once I finish here I'm going to try more free hand and continue my practice. I feel I have learned alot on this piece so far but probably too a big of a jump when I went straight from a 3d book case to Victorian Era architecture 😅

    Let me know if you see any thing off and sorry I dont have a scanner hooked up atm so I have a photo from my phone


  • Looks pretty structurally sound to me! I see it’s shrinking towards the sky also, really good job, keep working on it! I’d love to see your progress if you want to post how it’s going

  • @VeronicaMui thanks sorry i didn't see this sooner! I was actually just getting on to make a progress post. I haven't had much time but I have been doing a bit each day after work.

    My hope is to finish this and then take the lighting course and paint it after that. I have learned so much on this so far and its really made me think and focus on each line and what looks correct. I am happy with it so far ☺


  • Looking great! Your lines are so straight, it’s so satisfying to look at. It will look great painted - keep posting!

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