Basic Perspective Drawing - Final Assignment

  • Hi everyone

    I am new to the community, and stumbled upon SVSLearn through the 3 point perspective podcast. So here I am getting into the basics as I have done various illustration projects but want to hone in on my skills.

    The perspective class was insightful and reminded me classes in school, years ago now.

    I started out with 1 point perspective - but that was a messy attempt! I'm still determined to figure out what I've done wrong...Really struggled with the depth and drawing plane.

    So here it is in 2 point, with grid:


    Here it is cropped in:


    Overall, 2-point was far easier, would love your thoughts and feedback, feel free to say hi!


  • That's interesting that 2 point was easier for you. Are you saying that if you went back to 1 point it would be harder than 2 point? Or that 2 point was easier because you warmed up with 1 point.

    I love how you've styled it the room, it's so cute. Only thing I'm seeing that looks off to me is the top of the lamp. It's above the horizon so the ellipse shouldn't be curving that way. It's very subtle, but obvious enough that it looks a little wonky. Not a huge deal, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Welcome to SVS! The classes here are awesome.

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