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  • Hey everyone,

    I recently got an email, which I've linked a picture of below, that asked for original art to buy for his wedding anniversary. It seemed innocent but also just off, giving me that gut feeling. Also, I went to search the email, to make sure it wasn't already flagged, and this article from Visual Artists Ireland came up in the first page of the google search. I also did a quick IP address search, and the email was sent from the Atlanta, Georgia area when "Andrew" says he is from Appleton, WI.

    Anyway, has anyone else run into something like this before?
    Should I see where it goes?

    So the reason for this post is to inform everyone, to see if this is truly legit, and to hear other thoughts on this.



  • @nelsoart I've had plenty of emails like this over the years. And I feel the same way you do.
    It's nice, or sounds nice. There are people interested in my work. But, something isn't quite right.

    They've seen my work, obviously. But, they never tell me which piece.
    Again, it's obvious they've been to my site/portfolio, but they never address me by my name.

    And then they ask me to send pictures of my work.

    It doesn't make any sense.

    I too start researching. And get frustrated.
    In the end, I spent lots of my time and energy, getting excited, then worried, suspicious,...then angry.
    And no sale.

    I have never understood why there are people out there that do these kind of things.
    It's disappointing.

    Go with your gut.
    And all the best to you.

  • @jsnzart Thank you!
    It is frustrating to see people try to get free work and scam artists. But the best thing we can do is just be vocal about it and share it as best as we can within the artist community and with any federal agency in hopes to stop these kind of people from continuing on.

  • @nelsoart Agreed!

  • @nelsoart Not only is the tone off but I think I am right in spotting a double space before Appleton? Looks like they dropped the place name in and didn't adjust the formatting after to match the rest of the letter. It's crappy because it twists you all up to be hopeful but also uncertain about interest in your work but it would be a nope from me.

  • SVS OG

    @nelsoart ha! This is a scam girl. A lot if artists have already received this email. There’s a few videos on youtube exposing this scam. Don’t waste your time with this scammer.

  • SVS OG

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