Effective Vehicle Design Assignments

  • Here is my first completed assignment for the class. I've separated it into three images; as the assignment is divided into three parts 🙂

    I'll continue to post to this thread as I complete the assignments. Feel free to give me feedback, and critique me if there are any glaring mistakes. It would be much appreciated! 😃

    Part 1: Caricature

    Part 2: Stance

    Part 3: Angle (Kept at the rough sketch phase)

  • Alright, 2nd assignment finished! I designed these vehicles with Betelgeuse in mind. One of my favorite movies.

    I had to incorporate humorous/ridiculous elements because Betelgeuse is humorous, haha.


  • Okay, third assignment done! The assignment was to create an original boat design at a unique angle. I took elements of a submarine, and mixed it with a bumper boat. I wanted it to be a cute design for an imaginary theme park, so I turned it into a narwhal boat! His name is Stabby 🙂 Complete with a bubble launcher, haha.


  • Next assignment finished! This assignment was about getting creative with vehicle design. Essentially, drawing lots of different thumbnails for our next vehicle design (an aircraft). I chose to design a spaceship. Most of these are really rough and sketchy.

    First, is a set of silhouettes. This is the page I'm most happy with, and will most likely be the set of thumbnails I'll be choosing from for my final aircraft design.

    Second, a set of gesture thumbnails. (sketches that started from a quick gestural line or two) This was a real challenge for me.

    Next, a set of asymmetrical designs. To get yourself away from doing too many completely balanced designs 🙂

    Finally, a set of designs inspired by non-vehicle items. I will say that most of these(if not all of them) are hard to tell what objects I was referencing. I kept the inspiration from the objects to a minimum.

  • Alrighty then, I created a spaceship! 🙂 On to the last section of the course.

  • @Jacy13 These are so funny - pure Betelgeuse!

  • @Leah-Boulet Haha, I'm glad you like them! 😃

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