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  • Hey all,

    I have tried to use Instagram promotions several times now and while it gives me lots of likes, nobody clicks on my account. Many other artists even at my level of followers have used the feature with great success. Any tips.

    I usually take a post I like and promote it with a custom audience. I keep the hashtags too. Maybe that matters.

    If you can give me advice I would appreciate it.

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  • Same here. The post I promote gets way more likes than anything else on my page, but it doesn't turn into followers or work offers.

  • @Ari-Sorokin @Ari-Sorokin do you pay for the promotion? Do people visit your page?

  • Pro

    @Ari-Sorokin I've never done promotions but have managed to slug through and grow my account to 1400 followers, but it's never gotten me any work aside from one small commission. I don't think Instagram converts very well and paying for promos there might not be a great strategy to get work. But if you're looking to grow your account anyway, Jake Parker has a class here called "Your first 10k instagram followers" so that's probably a very good resource. Do consider other avenues of getting work though.

  • @Ari-Sorokin I've used them to sell prints or new original art work but I'm not convinced it yields many results. I did sell 2 prints off instagram promos recently though! I find I have most success when I target certain age groups and particular cities (Overall, most hits I get from France). Plus always choose specific subjects carefully rather than say just go for "art" or "illustration" as these subjects are over subscribed. I've had job/collaboration offers on instagram but some people are dodgy scammers or looking to get you cheap! I'm using it less and less these days. I lack consistency for social media. I think it's better to build up an email newsletter group.
    I had a meeting with an online ad company to see how much it would cost for them to do my website marketing and they were charging $650 a month and I would need to sign up for a year. I nearly spat my tea out! 😲

    🤔 Email is your best friend that never lets you down and social media is one of those fair-weather friends!

  • @Julia yes I do

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