Trouble with silhouettes in environment design class

  • Howdy folks! I’ve been having some trouble developing a sketch for this exercise because of the way I built my silhouette. I realized while sketching that I’m not really incorporating perspective into the sketch but that’s only because it’s based off of a silhouette that didn’t really have perspective incorporated either, it’s all just kind of flat like every part of the house is at eye level.
    So do I redesign the silhouette? Do I keep it and just make a sketch based off of it? I just feel like I don’t know how to incorporate perspective into a silhouette. When I make silhouettes I try not to think too hard and just let it flow naturally but if I have to think about perspective I feel like I would have to start sketching it out.
    So I’m a bit lost here. Would appreciate any tips!

  • I feel like you could still make the perspective work by playing with where the horizon line actually is and playing with how far apart the vanishing points are from each other. If you have to tweak and refine the silhouette though, I don't really see a problem with that. The silhouette initially serves as an interesting unexpected design result which you achieved, and then you can further play with it if it makes it better.


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