My How To Draw Everything progress

  • Hi fellow students,

    I've been checking out many courses, and I like all of them.
    I thought that I didn't need to do most of them because, I am mostly self taught and with the help of many awesome artists online(credit to all of them), I feel I've learned very similar things. And fundamentals keep coming up, and I absorb everything I can.
    I will stay at the student level, always!

    However, I pay to learn. So I should commit myself, and do the assignments.
    So, I have begun.

    I'm no stranger to working with a brush pen, and no sketch. Just a little confidence, and go for it!
    As a teacher,...we are all nervous as students. Don't worry about making mistakes. They happen to all of us. Just try!
    0 points for not trying.
    100 points for trying. Even if you make mistakes.

    No pencil sketch. Just brush pen.

    Only brush pen on the chair. Rough pencil sketch on the buildings, then mostly brush pen, and no reference.

    I will update my progress soon.

  • Welcome! Lots of great stuff here, nice line. I have found benefits from listening and participating even in the most basic of classes. Also, the curriculum is just a suggestion. I would definitely dive into the level you think you are ready for during your high energy times and do the basics in your free time. Enjoy!

  • @Joanne-Roberts Thanks. Sometimes, I love going back to basics.

  • One of my nice Copic greys ran out of ink. So, I had to use another grey.


  • @jsnzart That is some amazing work! Crazy that this was done in one go with no underlying sketch. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your finished assignments from this class 🙂

  • @Jacy13 Thank you. It takes practice, and a little confidence to not care about mistakes.
    You can do it too.
    The craziest thing I have ever tried is cutting portrait silhouettes of people. No sketch, just scissors. And about 2 inches high. And in less than 5 mins.
    That's crazy!!!

    But, it is do-able! Let everything go, and just try.
    Now I am working with one of the best silhouette artists on the planet.

    Apply it to drawing too.
    Number one! Don't be afraid to try.
    In other words, DO IT because it makes you feel uncomfortable.
    5 minutes- grab a marker and draw something.

    Love the "trying" part of it.

  • My wonky car. From imagination.
    Usually, I would use reference. But, sometimes I challenge myself.

    I did a rough pencil sketch first.

  • Trees are grey. With a little landscape.
    From imagination(and a dreamy place), with no pencil sketch.
    And, no barn.


  • My character still lives mostly in my head.
    I've always loved fantasy. And this story and character came to me when I saw this crazy crow jumping into this small tree, big shrub/bush thingy. He would jump in, fall into it trying to balance, grab an insect or something, and then fall out. He did this around 6 times, and two days straight. So I got videos and photos of it.

    Started painting him/her, and thought of a little fantasy character called a Rider. Humanoid elf character that is friends with this crow, and uses it as transport.
    Anyway, there's more to this story.

    Here's my character. I don't know his name yet. And it's in the beginning stages, so I'll be adding things, and taking things away, and maybe changing other things.
    Not happy with his anatomy and proportions. And my Copic C-3 is dried up, so this is too dark. But, it's a start.


    I received my certificate. Thank you.
    But, is my work/assignments enough?

  • Perfect lines! You must be controlling brushes quite well. and your style is really good for graphic novels. I definitely see a growing market of Graphic Novels as a number of agents have been looking for graphic novel artist recently.

  • @idid Thanks very much! You're very kind.
    Not perfect.
    Sounds good!

  • A little happier with this one.


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