Prop Design Class

  • ![I just finished my final assignment for the Prop Design class and I have to say that was both more challenging than I expected and also much more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

    I realize that I have much room to grow in that department (surprise surprise considering I never draw props!) but because of that I’m excited to exercise this ability more in the future.

    Anyway, I’m proud of myself for getting through the assignment and I thought I’d share here since I know my SVS family would understand and appreciate the work that went into it (my wife said “yeah, that’s nice honey” lol).

    The theme I had in mind was an Asian inspired feel that the ninja turtles would throw down in their lair. At first I was going to go with repurposed garbage items that would be found in the sewers but then realized that just because they lived down there didn’t mean they couldn’t have nice things. And they WERE ninja’s after all so why not go with Japanese inspired ensemble items.

    Critiques are welcome!C85E8AD4-9A89-410A-A27A-41FAABD640F0.jpeg

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