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  • Hello fellow artists,
    I recently updated my website design. Though I love it, I did have a look at other artists and illustrators websites and feel like mine might be trying to show to much? Do you think the fact, that I have different categories on my website instead of for example a simple feed that shows everything at once, prevents people from looking further? I also separated it in fine art and illustration.

    Maybe I am just in my head, but I wanted to know what you guys think.


  • Lovely work and website design! 🙂 I think separating fine art and illustration work is a good idea. The feed design seems like it wouldn't look cohesive if it includes too many different styles and mediums. Also it might be too much to include the thumbnail for the earlier works section on the main page of your website if you don't plan on continuing to do work in that style. Your sculptures are really neat but they're a lot different in style than your other work, so it might be better to only include the link to that work in the Fine Art submenu.

  • @jennaivy Thank you for your answer 😊
    I'll think about your suggestion, because I started of like what you suggested, that but then changed it to how it is now. You are right my sculptures are quite different from the rest 😅

    Because I tried out a lot of different styles, topics and mediums over the years, I sometimes feel like it might all be to much. Others seem like they knew thier style and what they wanted to make from the beginning 😩 So I wondered if I should show my early work at all on my page, but decided in favor of, since I still like most of it. I just don't make it anymore (might pick up somethings again though).

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    @Aisleen I don't think you should show your earlier work if you don't make that art anymore. Show what you WANT to make in your portfolio, so you will get that type of work!

    To me all the dropdowns kinda feel like too much? I like that it's organized, but if I was an art director, I'd want to get a feel for what you do in as few clicks as possible. They are busy people so make it easy for them to see your work. Check out Anna Daviscourt's site, she has a range of talents like you but maximum 4 portfolio pages:

    • children's book illustration
    • paintings
    • patterns
    • sketchbook

    And her home page is the children's book illustration portfolio. You get right into her most popular illustrations, with the option to keep looking around. It's smart.

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    @Aisleen woohooo!!! great Website! Clean, professional, I love it!

  • @carriecopadraws Thanks for the recommendation! There are definitely some aspects of Anna Daviscourt´s site I can implement in mine.

    I get what you are getting at with the dropdowns in the navigation, thats why I have those 4 squares on the first page with main topic so you can click on them and get straight where you want to go.

    I´ll stick with them in the fine arts part, because I kind of see it more as a documentation of my artistic work than a sales portfolio, but I`ll have another look at my Illustrations part!

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Thank you 😇

  • SVS OG

    @Aisleen Those are good points, it kinda depends what the purpose of your website is. If it's designed to be a casual walk-through museum of your art, then the multiple categories and pace of navigating it works. If your goal is to sell illustration services, having your best work right on the front page is highly beneficial. The 4 squares is a barrier to click through in that case - "Just show me some art already!" Consider who your target audience is and why they are visiting your site, that will help guide website design decisions.

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