@idid Thanks! My current print customers are mainly at comic conventions and span mainly women, with a chunk of them being kids in middle/high school and the other chunk being more around my age, in their 20's and 30's. I am trying to pull the age group up a little to solidly hit women in their 30's who like a little fantasy in their lives. But mainly I just want to make things that I like. As a woman in my 30's, I can only assume that there are others like me who will like what I like! I started selling work at comic conventions, so fan art would hit people well there, but I don't like doing it. It's not fun for me to jump on trends and draw other people's characters when I have SO MANY of my own that never get to see daylight because I don't have the time for them. I personally prefer buying art with people's original characters rather than fan art, myself, so I know there are others that feel the same way. It's awesome to own something super original by a smaller creator. @Freya-Chakour Thanks! I get what you mean! The cut-out edges are kind of random, as I just wanted a way to have a white border without being a flat line. There's not a lot of thought put into how it jives with the actual structure of the illustration. Looking at it now, I can see how much better the top and right sides look than the left side, in particular. It's easier to get objects to overlap white than it is to get a void to overlap the flowers! Hmm, I'll have to think on that one. @LauraA Thank you! Ooh, that's a good point. I wanted to make sure I popped in some warmer tones since the shop walls are so green, but maybe I overdid it. I do want it to still have a kind of muted look overall. I can see now how the character is standing out more against the flowers behind her since she is more saturated, and I do think that desaturating the front flowers, at least the bright red parts, would help her stand out more overall. THANK YOU ALL for the feedback! I really appreciate it!