"Chopped Art Challenge" results

  • I made up a challenge for myself that is similar to the food network "chopped" only with drawing/painting. I just tried out my ifrs tchalleng in the "appetizer round". I listed 6 items I have in my studio to draw with (well, watercolor too). I rolled the die three times to get three "ingredients". Mine were charcoal, pastels and an ink pen. I used drawing vellum. My first name starts with M so I had to draw a subject that started with M that I found by opening a book,. The first M word I saw was MIDNIGHT. I set my supplies on my table and set my timer for 10 minutes. I coudl not go one second after that (and it was easy because my light is a timer and it went dark at 10 minutes :-) ) Her si the result for my 10 minute drawing for MIDNIGHT.


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