Portfolio Feedback please.

  • I am trying to figure out if I am missing something in my portfolio. I am also planning on making new pieces so any advice or pointers on what I should focus on would be helpfull. When I have new pieces I will try to submit to publishers etc. again. Thus far I have received very polite "lovely work but not what we are looking for at the moment answers". So any help would be great.

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    kansikuva.jpg Neptunuksen baari.jpg s12_13_mars.jpg s4 maa_web.jpg Rasmus ja Nuusku sivu 16-17 web.jpg Rasmus ja Nuusku sivu 12-13 web.jpg Etsivätoimisto Rasmus & Nuusku promokuva.jpg Rasmus ja Nuusku sivu 24 web.jpg Rasmus ja Nuusku sivu 18-19 web.jpg The_Chef_web.jpg CrazyDogLady_web.jpg I_Did_Not_Do_It_web.jpg bookwormweb_small.jpg connecting_web.jpg

  • Added some images here, since it might be easier for people to have a look at them.

  • I assume you are trying to get children's book work. I think you are on the right track showing multiple pieces from the same project, but the main reason for that, I think, would be to show you can handle consistency of the same character throughout the book. In piece 1 and 4, I see the same girl, but almost with the same pose and I think in #4 she looks a bit younger. This is a really tough skill we all struggle with. the next three seem to be from the same story, but I'm not sure #7 reads as the same character from # 6 and 8 except for the hat. Again, he looks older in # 7 than in the other two. Maybe that is a direction you want to go: not just practicing that skill, but making pieces that show it to the best advantage. I love the aliens in #2 and the diversity of subject matter. I saw your "self portrait with dog" on the other thread and think it is a beautiful new direction for you. You've proved that even when the character is standing still, there can be movement and action. Maybe begin to push all your poses or to add more pieces with dynamic poses and action. Many of the pieces you have chosen are quiet or static moments. Action is an important part of narrative illustration. Even #2 with the aliens which I really adore poses the characters in a more sedate moment. As Brian Ahjar says, ask yourself what happens before and after! Great work

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