The Fly which wants to be a Dragon

  • Update: I will Use this Thread to Update the State of the current Piece and may even Extend it with future Images Based on the Fly which wants to be a Dragon - Concept

    Original Text:
    *I am in a very Early Stage now but decided to post it anyway just to not bait out at the end and softforce myself to finish it
    I will post here every visual Step i made so far from early Ideas up to the finished Piece. Right now i am in the Thumbnailing Phase to figure out what i want the final Image to look and be about and i will post it later on when i narrowed it down a bit more.

    Overall Topic Idea is a Fly which wants to be a Dragon so it Costumes itself like one to be become the DragonFly.
    Here some very early first Sketches and Image Ideas where i then took a Step Back to actually work out how i want the Char to look like. Everything Still in "Work in Progress" state and it can/will change.*

    Current Final Version
    alt text

    Concept Gallery (Click to get to the Larger Version)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Molambo very fun idea.

    I really like the later fly designs. The blue one under 6 is really working. I think it is much more impactful (and funny) than the one you have on the book cover. I would definitely go that way.

  • @theprairiefox yeah, i wasn't happy with the first verions either and went then "back" to figure first out how i want the fly itself to actually look like and design the costume for it then later on. its still not final but at a point where i can focus on the actual composition of the image because i have a general idea of how my main protagonist will look like.

  • Wowww this is so coool~ I love that you're even thinking about anatomy! This piece is going to be awesome! 😍

  • Really cute idea, @Molambo! I look forward to what you do with it.

  • added the first batch of thumbnails/scene ideas into the startpost. i decided to go with the happy side of things where he enjoys himself instead to go the "sad" route where he get picked up and being bullied for being different. still playing around with general ideas.

    well, i am not that confident in it since my craftsmanship has a lot of room to grow but i am glad you like what you have seen so far.

    me too...

  • August-EA-06.jpg
    some more thumbnail ideas. i gravitate towards the mirror and dragons/dragonsfly idea but i still fidle around with it a bit more to see where it gets and if i can come up with some better ideas.

  • @Molambo I like the one titled 'dragons fly'. BTW I had a bit similar idea. My fly is also dressing up, but as a dragonfly instead of a dragon. Your character is very funny, love it! 🙂

  • @aska Help! New here... can't find deadline for Dragon fly contest please? Thanks!

  • @Mike-Mirfin Deadline is the end of the month!

  • @Mike-Mirfin
    4 days including a weekend left to finish it.
    in case you have not started, dont let that discourage you. even when you need more time you will have a idea and finished piece in your "hands" when you are done and thats what this all is about.

    i think you cant win when you are not subscribed to the courses anyway so dont focus on that part since its really the least important one.
    here is the thread with all the entrys so far :
    get inspried and do your own version.

  • First Wip Look into the Final Image. Fly with Base Flats (Will be the Dragons Fly Concept)
    alt text

    i actually wanted to do it all traditional and color it with watercolor but i am going mixed media now and do the lineart traditional, carry that over to photshop and color it then there. additional watercolor version might still be something i consider but lets finish the lineart/composition first 🙂
    dragons, clouds, maybe a moon next.

  • First Dragons added. Placing is still not Final and i consider to Print it later out and Reink it since Linearts Varry now due to different Pens and Scaling.
    alt text
    alt text

    Edit2 - Final Lineart
    alt text

  • @Molambo I love his pleased expression so much, it has me chuckling 😆 Nice work so far!

  • Middle in the Coloring Process. First Work in Progress Look (Imgage cut, format is still the same as above)
    alt text
    I try to finish it today but even when it takes longer i will finish this piece.

  • Current, still unfinished Version which i posted in the Contest Thread. Seems i need more time to finish it.
    alt text
    As i said i will continue to work on it and i will Update the Thread with the newest Versions.

  • Final Version. I dont think i will manage to make it better by just tweaking around so thats it from my side.
    When you have some input to improve it feel free to post it and i might try to incorporate it when it benefits the piece.
    alt text

  • fixed the image link

  • Alternate Version after i got some feedback.
    alt text

  • @Molambo, I liked the other way better. I think the dark reads more naturally... at least for me. Maybe there's a middle ground that would be perfect. But for me, I'm leaning toward the image with the darker dragon in the foreground.

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