Dragonfly idea.

  • So for this months prompt I decided to try out illustrating in a different genre, early chapter books. I wrote a quick piece of text as a jumping off point as if it were in the middle of the book. Most of the books that I have looked threw are done in gray scale or have one additional color, I am trying to decide if I want to add that additional color to my work. I would love to hear some feedback on anything having to do with the art (I am not concreting on the writing, I am just using it as a guide). Thank you. AB01FFC6-E18E-4F00-9413-1E7A872F91A0.jpeg

  • This is really cute Mandy! A couple of critiques I have:

    1. It looks like the hand is on the wrong way for the girl in the back. Should her thumb be on the opposite side of the hand?

    2. It would be nice to have some line detail or simple shadows on the rocks the boy is leaning on, so he looks more solidly planted on the rocks.

  • @TessaW thank you. I will work on the line work a little more and yes I agree there needs to be a shadow behind the boy.

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