Criticism Request

  • Want to get feedback back on composition and color harmony. . Thanks1444800840967992.jpg

  • I like the colors--and I really like that present.

    I struggle with good compositions so I'm not sure if I can help here but to me there seems to be a lot of unused (negative) space. Maybe bring the animals in closer to the present and crop the bottom?

  • Hi Sam!

    I still struggle a lot with composition myself, but I wanted to give it a try anyway, so I did a little draw over on your painting! Now, I don't know if there was a specific reason for the canvas size that you chose, but like @mattramsey commented, the composition as it is has a lot of unused space, so I tried grouping/overlapping elements a little and cropping the image.

    I also added more trees in the background as I felt that with just the 4 trees it was feeling a little empty..

    Also, just a storytelling idea, but what if you had small characters in the process of decorating these trees in the back ?! Or maybe having one or 2 larger tree in the middleground being decorated ?

    I hope this helps!


  • I love the suggestion by @NoWayMe in terms of the composition. I like seeing the characters a bit closer at the base of the giant gift. Curious about the tag. Is that an icon for an envelope? I like the look of the tag, just not sure what the interior symbol is supposed to be. I would also suggest working on the ladder in terms of values... round out its parts and give it some shape. As it is now, it seems flat, when compared to the rest of the image.

  • Thank you for the good suggestions, I will revise and repost.. thanks all.

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