Banned Instagram Account Question

  • Hey everyone,

    My Facebook account got hacked this week. I lost the ability to login for about 4 days because once they got in they tied the account to one of their own 3rd party authentication apps, which if you don't do it yourself you're totally screwed.

    Long story short, Facebook permanently banned my account when I finally got back into it and I can't appeal it so I think that is completely hosed. The main issue though is my Instagram account, being created FROM Facebook is also telling me because my Facebook account got banned I can't log in any more.

    Anyone encountered this and actually have any success getting it back? Or is it a lost cause and I shouldn't waste my time? I can't find many instances of people getting back an account, and this week really showcased the lack of support any of these big media companies have. If it's a waste of time I think I'll just end up making a new one, which is a bummer, but better to just make the decision and move forward.

    P.S. Based on this, I would highly recommend anyone that has the two platforms linked as one break that connection and make sure they are separate. I had 2 step verification setup on my Facebook and it still didn't keep them out.

  • Sorry to hear that @jdubz! For reasons like yours, I have elected to stay off all the socials.

  • @Jeremy-Ross yeah I hear you. I wish I could but unfortunately can't due to my job. I dream of the days when I can just have a house phone and that's it 🙂

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