Shadow observation

  • Hello friends! I was reading when I noticed that the shadows from my fingers were casting really odd hues from the two light sources that I had: a window with blue light coming through, and a lamp with yellow/orange light. A crisp shadow cast a blue hue, and a softer, more diffused shadow cast an orange hue. I was so tripped out by it until I remembered what I’d learned about lighting. The crisper shadow was blocking the orange light but not the blue light, so the shadow looked blue. The diffused shadow was blocking the blue light and so that one cast an orange hue. The orange shadow really tripped me out!! But I guess since the rest of the paper would have a mixture of blue in it, if I blocked the blue light, the shadow would look more orange than the rest of the page. I just thought I’d share this with my fellow art nerds! Hope you all are having a great weekend!


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