Taxes for illustrators

  • Hi SVSLearn community,

    I have a question regarding doing our taxes as a freelance illustrator/sole proprietor. I have been doing mine the last few years but last year, as things have expanded, it got a little more tricky and feeling stuck. A lot of my biz expenses are actually towards buying art prints and merchandise incorporating the art the re-sell (I was not holding an inventory yet) I am wondering what is the pourcentage limit you can claim for office expenses and supplies? Is there anything that has helped you found a bookkeeper/accountant with experience with artists? Did it make a difference? Any articles/resources that has helped you with this? I found it easy to find info for regular businesses but not so much for the artists specifically...Thanks a lot!! (sorry if the questions are not super clear, I find this subject a little awkward and can become overwhelming ha!) P.S: I am based in Canada but I bet some info must be similar enough?

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