Introduction to Prop Design - Looking for fellow 'classmates'

  • Feedback requested!

    I noticed my first step silhouettes had a bit more detail so I wasn't sure if I had actually made the second step thumbnail sketches with a few of them. So I added more detail and now I am unsure if this second step turned more into the third step.

    Also I have a question for step 3 detailed sketch -I am working more with shape and less with outlines (lines -like comic/ Jake's style). Should I still follow Jake and make line art detailed sketch or stick to shape detailed sketch like below and let me know if I need to go deeper for this step 3??? Also I am trying to simplify my shapes to keep them in a children's picture book style that I like.

    Lamp to Print (dark version -draw over) svs.jpg

  • @Heather-Boyd

    I'm not sure if I remember all steps correctly, but I understand the dilemma – whether to go for a more comic-style render or to digitally paint the shapes with less emphasis on line work.

    I think the gist of this assignment is in creating a set of props that have an obvious purpose / origin (who made it, where would you find it, how / when was it made, etc). I would choose a (rendering) style that fits you and/or the context for your lamp. :-]

  • @PieterVanDerBeek

    Thank you,
    that confirms my thoughts. I am now on the structure step and puzzling through how to draw my elongated sphere in perspective and on the diagonal arching down (post my attempts on Saturday).

    I am also trying to figure out to what length (or how many parts in a scene) I want my work to be in 2d perspective, because I really like wonky perspective.

  • ee69a2d1-f471-4ffe-87a1-febedefe65e9-image.png
    cant say its great but here is finished thing

  • I just started posing. I'm not quite there yet.

  • @Leah "it's finished" is something I need to work on. I suppose I am a perfectionist in that way but also I want my best. Good job for finishing!

  • This is my progress. Still struggling with a titled lamp head, however I have learned a lot and these are still my 3/4 top view sketch/drawings.

    Lamp Box in Perspective Drawing svs.jpg

    Lamp in Perspective Drawing svs.jpg

    I really had to brush up on my perspective homework (few months back). The light part in the middle one looks heavy vs the coil support but I got the ellipse perspective right. And then I struggled with the position of the last one (with a titled box). Out of the first three which do you prefer proportion wise? Also I wasn't sure how to draw the coil (middle support) in proper perspective -I sort winged it.

    Thanks as always,

  • @Heather-Boyd Nice sketches! I like the middle one - the head being a bit out of proportion gives it character. Maybe it's the 70-30 ratio on the 'weight' that makes it more interesting? The tilted one on the right seems like a hard nut to crack, perspective-wise... but the silhouette is way less interesting so maybe just skip it? :-]

  • @PieterVanDerBeek thank you so much. The middle one you like best, do you think it be able to stand by itself as a functional believable lamp, because the head lamp is heavy? I am also unsure how the light will project out of it. I need to find similar light sources.

  • @Heather-Boyd I think the believability would depend on the context / world in which it lives. But you could still tilt the head down a little so it will have more of a projected beam directed downwards, if that makes figuring out the light / shadow of your scene easier... :-]