First bigger project 🚀 formalities before the start

  • Hello!

    I won't lie my last post on this forum was a welcome one in April, I've been studying and working on smaller commissions ever since and here I am getting my first bigger project 🙂

    I'm gonna make illustrations for a banking app, they'll need 10 illustrations first and a few additional ones every month. We agreed on a price per illustration.

    What formalities would you suggest me taking care of before the start ?

    1. Contract - should it come from me? do I need a lawyer to write it or do you know a template that would do?
    2. Upfront payment - even with a contract, would you suggest I should ask for 50% upfront? They don't mind it
    3. Any other formalities?

    I watched pretty much all the business videos and it helped a lot, but still figuring out the details 🙂

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • @barbara-gr I just did a search on the forum to try to quote what others have said and resources they've discussed, but since I didn't quite find what I wanted, I really want you to protect the rights to your work. Your work should be yours, licensed out to them for this use. If they would like to use your images for another part of the project, or in a different way, they would need to pay for that use. Did you watch the video on contracts?

  • @carolinebautista Thank you so much! It's indeed very important. Yes I did but before really working so it's a good idea to watch again, thanks!

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