feedback on Isolation WIP?

  • Hey guys! First time poster...I'm just discovering what a great resource SVS is!

    I've been working on the "isolation" prompt and I'm wondering if anyone wants to weigh in on the lighting scheme it too subtle/weird? Think I should emphasize the focal point more?

    I was also considering getting rid of the on-camera window and replacing it with a more straightforward off-camera light source, from the right side. Would love your thoughts on that, too. Thanks so much! I'm loving all your entries so far.


    SVS Isolation 2020.jpg

  • @esgoldman purely from a technical point of view, its not totally clear where the window is, it gets lost in amongst all the other items. Im assuming its on the right as we look at it, toward the top. If that is your light source, then all the items in the bookcase are in shadow, and would be lit by ambient light only, in which case there wouldnt be any cast shadows. Also, the cast shadows that are there at the moment dont seem to have a cohesive direction, some go one way, some the other. Things like the little planets hovering, they have shadows directly underneath them, but theres no direct light above them to cause this. If it were my piece, i would put a strong off camera light in somewhere, which would help to establish some strong cast shadows and better define some forms of the objects. At least thats my understanding of things, but i stand to be corrected!

  • @gavpartridge yep, those were exactly my concerns--confusing shadows/light source. Thank you!!

  • @esgoldman I love all of the fun things going on. The size of the person to the room also gives a very nice 'isolation' feel, good job.

    I was wondering about the strings on ground? I am not quite figuring the story with those. At first, I thought they were plugs or maybe yarn. Just a little confusing. If they are yarn, I think I would make the ball more of a yarn ball if they are electric maybe put lights or something on the big ball?

    Just a thought.

  • @theprairiefox yes that's a great point! i'll definitely clarify those elements.

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