Hi Guys!

  • Recently I joined SVS and thought I would say hello and tell you all what awesome work you are doing!
    I have loved art all my life and wished I had pursued it (or at least practiced at it). Except back in my day unless you were a prodigy...artists starved, so I never gave it much thought, and of course, never did anything towards art. Anyway, long story short so thankful to find SVS and I wished I could have done this a long, long time ago- and wished I knew it was hard work and not prodigy that makes the artist. So now I have a new mindset and I'm working hard and trying not to be shy about my own art. I know I have a lot to learn, but just so you know, I will value all feedback!
    Again, you guys are amazing!

  • Hi, welcome!!! I'm excited for you! Can't wait to see some of your art!

    It was definitely hard work for me not natural talent 😂 but you'll get there!

  • @carlianne Thank you! I will say that this SVS illustration is a bit different from the art I'm used to but I really love the teaching. And no, I can't believe you had to struggle at all! I love your stuff, it is adorable!!

  • Welcome @fullerj ! Everyone on SVS is super helpful and kind (the main reason why so many people love being here) I understand that it can be intimidating but I hope you are able to put aside your shyness and share your work and really learn and grow here! 🙂

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