Geek out with me - Markers & Pencils Addict

  • Hi friends! My entire life has been about drawing, mostly with mechanical pencils and charcoal. Never was too fond of painting. I love drawing more than anything. I really value seeing the sketch/lines in my work. I'm great with digital painting, but really wanted to find my own traditional workflow using markers and colored pencils, similar to how Jake does.

    I've been using the April Contest as a month-long study course for myself alongside SVS classes. I have inked and colored my piece three times already using a combo of colored pencils, ink, and markers. So far in my collection I have Art Alternatives, which were cheaper from a local store, and some other cheaper colored pencils. I just got Milo markers, and they're amazing to use for coloring. I'm hooked.

    I have Prismacolor pencils and markers coming for me to try. I'd really like to try Derwent and Tombow. I ordered a smaller set of Spectrum Noir markers that should be here soon as well. I think trying out all of these different tools is part of the fun for me right now, too. I have posted a lot of my current inktober pieces on IG. My fave so far was YELLOW. I'll share here. What are your favorite markers and pencils? I'm excited to geek out over these with you all. Cheers.


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