having techi difficulties...

  • hey everyone! hope everyone is keeping well. wondering if anyone has any advice for me....

    it seems that whichever video i want to watch will refuse to play! anyone had the before??
    i decided few days ago to go back to the first course in the curriculum, How To Draw Anything , as i wanted to redo the exercises and assignments digitally but i couldn't get a single video to play!
    then this evening i went back to the course i was doing, Will Terry's Visualising in Perspective, and I'm up to the last video, which just refused to play, altho the second to last video was working fine...i waited a while, tried again but it wouldnt start. the videos on How To Draw Anything were also not working
    i was getting a bit frustrated, i even made a new 30 day free account using another email address to see what would happen..but again the same videos that would load would, and the ones that wouldn't before, again wouldn't! i ran a internet speed test which said its fast,
    i opened my account on a another laptop..but nothing. so its anyway pretty late here in UK for me now, so I'm going to go to bed now, and try again tomorrow but I'm wondering if this has been happening to anyone.. my theories are: maybe do to everyone having more time on their hands, SVS has more traffic than usual so its slower, maybe due to the whole internet being slower or maybe G-D wants me to go to bed now and it will work tomorrow.. not sure..
    but if this has ever happened to people please let me know and what they did!

    sorry about the rambling, this is what happens to me late at night 😁

    thanks to all!

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