Book concept contest for those in the US

  • I planned January to April of this year as time to create a dummy book for this contest and have struggled with juggling everything I want to work on. They extended the deadline to June so I can start working on it, and I was hoping some of you would like to enter too:

    Before the libraries closed, I checked out a bunch of books from this publisher and the quality was ok. The glossy pages and some of the book design choices kind of irritated me, but they put some nice picture books out there. I don't know what kind of reputation they have, because one thing I found somewhere was not paying on time (or something?) but generally they sort of passed the test of a small publisher I wouldn't mind working with. The winner gets 8k and a contract, but they also require you to go to NYC to judge the contest the next time around, so the winnings are automatically less one or two trips to participate. And I do wish they had kept it international the way it was before. There was no explanation available for the change - a German won it last time, so it seems a shame to limit it to the US.

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