Gestual drawing critiques

  • Hi, guys! I hope everyone it's safe and well. My city it's now in quarantine so i decided to take this time alone to get back to the basics 🙂 As i'm a lone student i need some feedback on my work to know what i should be aware of. Today i took some of my time to make a looooong gestual drawing practice. I made a bunch of drawings but i'll post just some of them here. Anyway here goes!

    (looks like i don't know how to post images here)

  • I'm not an expert when it comes to gesture drawing so I can't give much of a critique. But the first and third image are my favorite, I think it is becuase of the strong straights vs curves that you are playing with. Michael Parker's new course has a good section on gesture drawing (along with +400 non-nude images to draw from) and we have a course dedicated to gesture drawing coming next month! Brooklyn Walker, a character designer at Sony animation is teaching that course.