How do you get rid of this option on PS???

  • Every time I bear down hard on my Wacom, I get a brush menu. The pen tip makes a little circle and then the brush menu just pops up. It is so annoying and I have not found a way to even look it up on google. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Or better yet, have a solution?

  • Have you played around with your wacom settings? What is your button on the side set to? I wonder if pressing down hard is perhaps triggering that button on the side somehow.

  • @chrisaakins I had the same problem with my Intuos Pro. Here's what solved it for me (in Windows 7):

    Go to Control Panel (in the Windows Start menu)
    Click on "Pen and Touch"
    Select "Press and hold"
    Click on "Settings"
    Disable (Uncheck) "Enable press and hold for right-clicking"
    Click "OK" and exit

    Hope it works for you.


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