Free Lineart to paint for the corona-lockdown!

  • Hello again fellow artists!
    So guys, listen!

    Staying safe from the virus and being Quarantined at home sure is interesting. You find time to deal with a lot of stuff, and also concentrate on stuff that you want.
    So I have been thinking how can I help in this situation!

    In order to help some artists that might feel a bit cornered right now, I am giving away free lineart designs for you to color or tweak however you see fit!
    The linearts are mostly Fanart designs, cause most of my Instagram requests were Fanart.

    If you have any fellow artist or any child that might feel good with those lines, please notify me!!

    Share the word, so that other fellow friend artists learn about this too!

    Let's all do what we can for the world and help in any way we can think of!

    Stay safe and healthy!

    Ps.this is the link of the original Instagram post, if you feel more comfortable communicating from there! I also upload some of the examples! Hope it brings happiness to someone!!

    IMG_20200330_192341_804.jpg IMG_20200330_192341_810.jpg IMG_20200330_192341_819.jpg IMG_20200330_192341_816.jpg 1.jpg