SCBWI - worth joining?

  • Hi everyone - I was thinking of joining the SCWBI - mainly for its online resources as is it doesn't seem to have a very active network in France. I was just wondering whether some of you are members and if so, would you recommend it and if so, why? Thanks! Hope you're all staying safe and well in these strange times.

  • @Rachel-Horne I was a member for a year, and I have not renewed. I think it is worth it if you manage to use all the resources available, attending contests, and etc (I did not manage to utilize that much during the year I was member). It is a channel to promote your work as well. But I get the feeling it will be more useful if you can attend the conference a couple times.
    I plan to renew though, to start submiting monthly contest, and submitting for artspots as well. I am currently clearning up my website, and organize my portfolio. When I am done that, I will start submiting stuff to the SCBWI.

  • @Rachel-Horne Hi Rachel, I have joined a few times in the last 15 years,...and I will do it again in the not too distant future.
    Lots of resources! Yes, I'd recommend it!

    Lots of value!
    All the amazing people you meet, and could meet, and elsewhere.
    Apparently J.K.Rowling was or still is a member.

    A huge forum. The links you find!
    The games in the forums, for writers with writers block! Lots of fun, and really interesting.

    I could go on, but I won't.

    It isn't for everyone. I mean, each to their own.

    I give credit to every single human being I have ever met.
    There's a lot of amazing humans over there,...and here too!


  • @xin-li Thanks - that helps, I saw on there that they had advice for creating portfolio websites which is actually what caught my eye. Good luck with yours.

  • @jsnzart Brilliant, thanks. I think you sold it to me 🙂
    And yes, definitely lots of amazing humans here!

  • @Rachel-Horne Great! And I wish you all the best.

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