Feedbacks on composition needed, Thank U!

  • Quick question, for composition only, which one do you think is better? For the better one, any suggestions for further improvement? Hope this illustration is self-explaining in terms of the story behind.

    Thank you!



  • @idid

    I prefer the second one! It was easier for me to understand the house and tree in that one

    I think it looks like rain is coming from the beard off a man or a god? I love the concept! My only thought of things you could try would be to make the god look more special? He looks like a regular guy so maybe his clothes? Or maybe more storytelling? Like it's raining on a ship in a storm?

    Or something else that tells us more about your story. I really do love the theme though! Really fun image

  • @carlianne Ah, Thank you for the suggestion! Yep, I totally agree that the guy's outfit is a bit too normal 🙂 gonna make it special!

  • I really like the color comp. I also prefer #2.
    I agree with @carlianne that placing the scene on ocean with a small ship will be more interesting. The steak and tension will be so much higher.

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