WIP Planting Pose Dilemma

  • Hi again,
    On a personal project, I need help on how to make the pose with the brown star have the same movement as the white star (both found on the second page)? I want my astronaut character to be bringing an object towards us and other smaller creatures without having his legs being static or in a fixed stable position, while also keeping a good silhouette with his arms. In the white star he's got lift in his back right leg, his left leg ahead a bit and his arms more forward -but I struggled with him coming more directly towards us and on slight angle. Thanks 🙂

    planting pose 01.jpg

    planting pose 02.jpg

  • I think I need a bit more information on what exactly he's doing. Has is just gotten up from a squat? Is he going to walk toward us, or is he just standing there and showing us the object in his hand?

  • @TessaW

    So sorry, those were individual thumbnails -so not sequential. I was working out a singe position so yes the walking towards us one (white and brown star ones). The rest were intended to show my process of how I resolved my final pose. And he is walking towards us intending to plant something in the ground -so he is cupping soil with a budded plant.

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