Reworking on the opening scene

  • Hi guys I would like to get opinion on these two opening scenes. Do you think the new ones are more exciting? Here before and after. Thank you 1-1.jpg

  • 1.1.jpg

  • @Naroth-Kean These are great really like the colors. The two bottom ones I like the best especially the bird spread, the shape of the water/coast is great.

  • The expanded ones definitely feel more...well, expansive. The originals were more tight feeling/closed off.

    Question: Is the dog running on the coast line that we see in the first pic? I ask because I see the birds in the sky above the dog and I wonder if those are the same birds from before. If so, can you show the dog running on the coast line in the top down bird pic?

  • These are beautiful. I like the second set better. They show more story than the first two. I have the same question as @mattramsey.... Are these two pictures from the same point in time just shown from different perspectives? If yes, then the birds are flying in the wrong direction in the dog pic. If no, then ignore that. Lovely illustrations!

  • I like the expanded version of the birds, but not the one of the dog. I feel the landscape isn't working right for my eye to be sitting somewhere in the water looking at the dog running. He seems too large from that vantage point. Where as when he's in the smaller pic, I have nothing but him to focus on. Right now the distance of the beach to the tree line in relation to the dog seems off.

  • sweet! i like it!! so beautiful!! 🙂

  • @Naroth-Kean What are these drawings for? Just trying to get an understanding of where these will be used.

    love them by the way.

    Really like the excitement in the bird landscape with the lighthouse and the curve of the coast.

    Really like the circle dog one with the birds and clouds in the background. The tighter shot gives it more impact.

  • Thank you guys for the input! it's a story about friendship between a stray puppy and an sea otter. These images are supposed to be the introduction of the story where the small town was described and the stray puppy lived there.

    @Stephanie-Hider Thank you!
    @mattramsey Thank you yes he supposed to be running on the line and I think you got a very good idea of showing him on the coast line as well for the first pic, but he might be a bit too small to be notice.
    @Joy-Heyer That is a very good point! yes they are connected. Thanks for pointing that out.
    @Bobby Aquitania Thank you! yes I'm going to try to make those tree a bit smaller, maybe the puppy should be smaller as well. I totally forgot to tell people that it's a two page spread.
    @smoke 🙂 thankies
    @carlossketches Thank you! they are introduction for a children's book story i'm working on. I totally agree with you that the circle shape on the dog actually bring more focus on the page. I'll see if i can play around with different composition on the full spread one.

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