Sketchable App question

  • Hey guys--does anyone here use the Sketchable App? I really like it on my Surface Pro 3 because photoshop just isn't responsive enough.

    The only problem I have: I do not know what the keyboard shortcut for the color picker is.

    (I purchased the full package so I have all the brushes, layers and picker).

    If I click on the little gear icon I see a "Settings" menu and I see an option to reset keyboard shortcuts to default. However, I don't see anywhere to actually change the keyboard shortcuts even if I wanted to.

    I was able to figure out that eraser is "E" and resizing up is "]" and resizing down is "[". These are like photoshop. However, when I hold "Alt" (like I would in Photoshop) the picker does not come up.

    Can't find any Youtube videos or website info on it and I've tweeted @SketchableApp and so far all they say is: Yep! the keyboard shortcut menu is on the flyout.

  • Not sure if this is correct, could you take a screen of it's interface so I know what I'm looking at...

    Color picker = Control + C

    Or is this it? Says you have to double tap a color well...

  • @Bobby-Aquitania It's the second link (Sketchable).

    There are supposedly keyboard shortcuts--some of them I've found by trying things out. It is kinda frustrating for them to have no info on their webpage and no youtube videos showing this stuff. It's all really generic/unhelpful.

    I feel like some one from the company should make a couple of tutorial videos walking people through different processes and really selling their product. Not sure why they are not doing it.

  • K it's wonky but you press I for the Eye Dropper, that circle comes up, hover it over the color you want and click your stylus to the color and it should change color. But this is only for picking colors from your canvas, not the color picker itself...

    To see the flyout shortcut keys, click those 3 parallel lines in the upper left corner, click Settings, then Keyboard Shortcuts on the box that appears on the right.

    If you lose the start up white bar at the top, look in the upper right corner, hover your mouse there, click on the diagonal line with arrow tips going out on both ends to hide it, and arrow tips meeting to reveal it, that will allow you to see the parallel lines to get to the full settings menu.

  • @Bobby-Aquitania That solved it! I actually was talking about the eyedropper tool (I guess I think of it like a color picker but you are right, it is different than the color wheel).

    I read your response and then quickly deleted my 3 frustrated tweets to @SketchableApp. I guess I'm just not familiar enough with Win 8.1. I never use the "fly out" charm menu.

    I was so annoyed but you nailed it! Thank you so much!

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