Feedback for my Homework for illustration class

  • Hey, this is my next assignment for my illustration class. It’s goldilocks and the three aliens, it’s due on Sunday night. I feel I’m been staring at it and fiddling. I would love any constructive criticism critique. Thanks.


  • This is a super cute concept! I think it would definitely help to know the goals/parameters of the assignment to get a better idea of what may need critiquing.
    At first glance, I feel like it's heavily weighted at the top of the canvas, but there's extra blank space at the bottom that's making it feel unbalanced. I'm attaching an example of what it would look like cropped in a little closer, with some of the characters flowing off-canvas as one possible solution to the balance problem (though this creates a tangent at the point highlighted in red that would need to be fixed if you do crop). You could also see what it looks like just scooting the scene down a little if you want to keep more negative space around them.

    The only other thing that stands out to me is the planet in the back, which feels like an awkward size, and a little lonely there. Maybe play with resizing it either larger or smaller and/or adding a second moon, planet, ship, or satellite. Alternatively, maybe set it inside an alien home or ship instead of in the open air of a planet?

    I hope any of this helps, and good luck on your assignment!

    Crop Example.jpg

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