Wuthering Heights Sketch (for January contest) - Feedback Please :)

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    While I might be light for handing in a finished piece for the January contest, you are never too late to get feedback from awesome people to help improve a sketch 🙂 Once I have adjusted what is recommended, I will take it to the finished piece.

    Goal of the illustration: Convey the idea that Heathcliff is looking up to the house and missing Catherine, and how their love is the only light within his heart/life.

    I really want to learn and improve as an illustrator, so please let me have all the yummy constructive feedback 😃

  • @Cat-De-Pillar I really like this. It has a romantic atmosphere. One suggestion from me would be to have more hair flowing over his nose on the far side of his face. Then use Rembrandt lighting (shadowy face with a triangle of light under the eye) on his visible eye. With him lowered a bit so his eye is a third way down - i think you can lose some space at the bottom and add it to the top. Defo works as a Jane Austin book cover.

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