Thinking about renting an art studio for the first time--any advice?

  • Hello SVSers!
    I recently found a local business owner willing to rent me an unused space they have for $100 a month.
    On the plus side, I found out they are actually a small publishing house, so on that potential "in" alone, I may just go ahead and do it.

    But I would love any and all advice on what to look for/avoid in an art studio. I saw the space today and it seems kind of great with the exception of possibly no hard line internet (they do have wifi). I've made a pros and cons list, but I'm worried I might be overlooking something since this is my first time renting a studio.

    Here are the basic specs on the space:
    Plenty of power outlets
    Wireless internet (maybe hard line, owner is double checking)
    lockable room
    window that opens
    Can go in 8am-5pm
    comes with heavy wooden desk
    month to month
    access to bathroom and kitchenette with sinks
    private parking lot

  • I haven't rented a studio space but that sounds like a decent deal to me. I think it really depends on the kind of worker you are. While at uni I had access to a shared studio space with my own desk and I hardly ever used it cause I don't like working in front of people and would often get distracted. I like the freedom of working from home. However some people might hate working from home and get too distracted there!
    This is probably a good compromise as you have your own room so you can close off the door to get work done 🙂 If it's affordable for you and you fancy a workplace away from home then go for it! As it's month to month you can always try it for a month or two and see how it suits you

  • @eriberart Thank you for your input! I have never worked in a shared or solo studio space, haha, so I have no idea which I prefer! But I think you are right--I can always just try it out for a month or two, and if it's not working for me, call it quits. At $100 a month I feel like I can afford that gamble.

  • Since it's month to month, I'd say go for it. $100 is a great price to have a separate space and I highly recommend having that separation. If something isn't up to snuff or something you can't live without, you're not locked into a lease so you can search for something else.

    Also if you REALLY like it, but say not having a hard line to the internet becomes a big issue I'd explore the idea of splitting the cost of running new cable to the space with the company.

  • @jdubz That's a great idea about splitting cost for rewiring! Definitely something to consider down the road. I mostly want it because it would be nice to be able to stream from my studio and bring my digital workspace over there. So for now it'll have to be digital work station in my living room, everything else at the studio. We'll see how that goes, haha.

    Thank you for the input! I feel better about renting this place now.

  • Do it. I love having a space!

  • @Sarah-Foelske Okay! I did it. :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:
    I'll be moving into the space on the 12th. I'm so excited!! I've wanted a studio for years.

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