January wip

  • I just thought I would check here for suggestions to make my piece stronger before entering it into the contest this month. This was a fun one to do. I enjoyed playing with the light that often spreads all over during the winter. ![alt text]([image url](049C6029-0D65-4A75-BFA2-55C4F5F074A4.jpeg link url))

  • I think it's fun! I really love the girls expression. My one note would be that it was hard to see that squirrel. Maybe if it was a different value than the tree, a little thicker neck or had more of a silhouette over the snow? Real cute though!

  • @carlianne thank you for the compliment and suggestion! My kids said the same thing when they saw it. Oh there’s a squirrel there! 😊 So I decided to change the color of the squirrel to gray and accentuate the shadows a bit more. ABC82D76-3C38-4E52-B1E7-C7457902A9E5.jpeg

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