My Three Story Project 🌲2020

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    For 2020 I decided to make 3 picture book dummies from some story ideas that Ive been stewing in my grey matter. When the Adobe Creative Residency 2020 opened up I hemmed and hawed over doing it then finally decided, since I was doing the project anyway I might as well try and go for the residency. So I submitted my application yesterday. Now, its a pretty popular program so I don't think my chances are very good to receive the residency, so I'm going to continue as if I never applied, and fulfill my dreams on my own. WOOT! If I get the residency then BONUS! LOL
    Now, I figure there a lot of illustrators out there that may be wondering how this dummy making process works, so I'm going to share my processes and progress here in this post so that maybe I can help make it easier for my art friends AND since I am a rookie at this (Ive only ever made 1 dummy), I invite my art friends to comment, question and severely reprimand😉, so that I might learn as well. I want this to be an open discussion🙂.
    This month I am focusing on the writing of the first story, A Girl in a Backpack, but I will be doing character studies, trying to nail down who these little characters are going to be. @Lee-White has some great tips on character studies. There is a pdf to download to help with this from, I think, the Visual Storytelling Techniques class (great class BTW).

    First evolution of Bear

  • @burvantill adorable bear 🙂

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    Yesterday, I started removing the first story from my head and into InDesign. I started with MS Word, but then moved everything into InD today, because I figure I will eventually build the dummy in InDesign so I might as well use it from the beginning, duh🙃.
    Getting the story out of my head is much harder than I thought it would be. When I made up the story, it played in my head like a movie, so its coming out like a screen play;
    Scene: parking lot
    Girl: dialogue
    Mom: dialogue
    Friend: stares out the window. [obviously this is just an example. no one would want this😜]
    LOL. This is my first draft so I am just going to get it all out and then go back and fill it in. I'm thinking its like a gesture drawing. This is just my gesture to get the feel of the story.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Trouble forming the words?

  • Good luck with the project. It's cool that you're sharing the process!

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    @IanS Thankyou. 😃

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