Gravir la montagne // back on that old mountain path

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    Dear friends,

    I'll be posting drawing here, following the advices and exercices of our dear teachers at SVS.
    I'm a long time listener, first time uploader, and i'm eager to exchange with those who are interested.

    By trade, I'm a 2d film animator, but kids and life in general have kept me away from any drawing progress for years. Now I'm back on that ol'mountain road. My goal is to have a real personnal style emmerge, that is more coherent and up to date than what it is today.

    I do not plan on making a carreer as an illustrator, but rather improve my skill so I can achieve better animated short film designs.

    I'll be posting drawings on behance if that's ok.
    This first batch is from right before I started SVS.
    Here's the link to that specific project

    Looking forward to help each other progress!

  • Bienvenue @Sebastien-Godard ! J'aime énormément ton dessin d'introduction, il y a déjà beaucoup de style dedans je trouve 😌
    Bonne randonnée ici !