December prompt COMP: kitchen dance

  • Hi all! I am looking for feedback about this composition, I would like to develop it fo rhte Dec contest, if I get the time... I really put my best learning about grouping is so far my most complex image and I am not sure how I could improve it... now, passing from value to colour is a big mistery for me still, as I work traditionally and it's so tricky to keep the value right...any advice?
    thank you to everybody that can stop by and send me a word!

    svs sketch.jpg

    svs sketch with values.jpg

  • I like it. I can't quite tell if the counter is going to cover their legs though - or is that a rug? I thought it might be cool somehow to have one of them tossing ingredients into the soup with a flourishing hand to give it some more energy.

  • Thank you Josh..true I forgot to erase the parts of the little towel so it doesn't go over the feet! I like you idea to toss some little things on the dancers... !!

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