Slowvember ending and I have to work faster

  • I managed to get a clean copy drawn and started to ink, then realized the music stand is out of proportion with the rest of the drawing. Since I really don't have time in the next couple of days, I decided to stay with it for now and began playing with color. It's come a long way, and yet at this point all I can see is another month of improvements. I might have to make it Slowvember and December. almost done.jpg image url)

  • I would also have found me in a rush this november if I had aimed to finish what I've planned. There's no sense in accelerating, when the goal was to slow down! So, let's slow-cember together 😉

  • @Meta You're on! I'm just going to continue steadily improving this one through December. We'll have to keep each other going as the craziness of holidays continues to interrupt. I'm also going to be doing studies of the human figure, faces, hands, etc in ink just to relieve my brain a bit (it helps relieve the urge to be perfectionistic more than anything and lessens the risk of killing the composition by overworking).

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