SVS Google_hangout

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    I'm not sure if there's already a SVS hangout already, if so I

    If anyone is interested in joining me for a hangout. Feel free to join in, share what you working on or just watch is all fair game. I'm just going to be sketching some faces and working on a book cover.

    I only shared this link here so you only going to see people from this forum and not a bunch wild coyote trolls barking over their mics. Feel free to ask questions and start talking but pls be respectful. I can't work with a lot a of noise going around.

  • @Jorge-Valentin Sorry for not noticin' this earlier 🙂 There's an unofficial SVS discord server where we hang out and once in a while get together to chat. Feel free to PM me for a link if you're interested 🙂

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