Mary and the Yellow Cherry

  • Hi everyone!

    This small story came to me impromptu style while giving my daughter a make believe bed time story. I laughed and pictured some wonderful illustrations in my head. Maybe a few folks here would like to do a sketch for the short story. Here it is!

    “Mary and the Yellow Cherry

    There once was a young girl named Mary.

    The other kids said she looked scary.

    For its only when she bites the yellow cherry,

    She becomes something quite hairy.

    Embarrassed, she returns home via the ferry.

    She cried to her father Terry,

    Oh father, why aren’t you hairy?

    Why because you’re like your grandfather Larry,

    Who covers in fur with a single bite of the sweet yellow cherry.

    No need to be wary,

    You’re beautiful just the way you are, my dear Mary.“

  • @Jeremy-Ross , this is quite a cute story to develop into a picture book. You may want to have someone who is good in rhyme and meter to check it out. Very creative!

  • @RG-Spaulding thanks for the kind words. I think the market is shying away from rhyming books, but it does sound quite fun!

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