Ipad Pro Painting with Procreate - Did Will use reference for the details

  • In Will's course, the details for his robot comes in at 21:32 the image with the detail is sped up but he doesnt speak to if he drew from reference or memory. I ask because thats where the drawing came alive for me.

    Do you think he stopped looked for references at that point.

    I wouldn't have known how to draw a dog, or robot details so I will use reference.. but was curious about Will... Below is my rough sketch now.
    Thanks for reading!

    a3123d1e-32f9-4910-b5dd-0d812b892b1b-image.png ![9b64e5d2-7dbb-4fe5-9547-c997c9431ca2-image.png]

  • I don't know for this particular piece, but I know in his "Draw 50 Things" course, he shows when he might use reference if needed. Might be worth checking out. My guess is that for certain subjects he might need reference, but for other things, maybe not so much. I think it all depends on what a particular person will have experience with. We all have different areas where we would be comfortable inventing things without reference, but other things we'd need more help on.

  • @TessaW Thanks Tessa! I'll check it out.

  • @Dwayne-Neckles Go take a look at the 'painting texture and details' course. Will goes into detail on how he researches and breaks down textures and details.

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